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COMS for Windows - Church Management System

What Is The COMS?

The Church Organizational Management System (referred to as COMS) is one of the most advanced and comprehensive church software programs available. It can handle nearly every organizational aspect of running a church. This is our top selling church management system, and is the package of choice for any size church - no matter how small or large. The COMS program also integrates with our Easy Fund Accounting (EFA) program.
What Does It Include?
The following are just some of the main functions  included in the program: Family and People, Giving, Pledges, Attendance, Service-Activity Interest, Committees, Small Groups (Cells), Prospects, Music, Inventory, Friends, Password Protection, and more.
Reports and More
You can generate nearly any type of report you can imagine and send the output to either your screen or printer. Also, you can export the reports to industry standard PDF files, Microsoft Windows Documents, as well as HTML files for additional modifications, emailing, or publishing on the internet.

Click here to see the Report Manager.

Report Writer
Although the program generates nearly every report you can think of, the optional program  Specialty Report Writer (SRW) will allow you to edit all the reports (so you can customize them even further to meet your specific individual needs).
If you would like to have the pictures of people appear within the program and also on printed reports, order the optional program Specialty Visuals (SV). The Specialty Visuals program also allows you to keep pictorial information on inventory items as well.
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Description Special Price You save
COMS $495 $250
COMS & SRW $645 $245
COMS & SV $645 $245
COMS & SRW & SV $795 $490
COMS & EFA $990 $0
COMS & EFA & SRW $1140 $245
COMS & EFA & SV $1140 $245
COMS & EFA & SRW & SV $1290 $490
EFA $495 $0
SRW $395 $0
SV $395 $0
LAN or  Multi License $200 $0