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Low Cost LAN and Multi-User License

What Kind Of License Does The Software Ship With?
Just like software from practically any company, the programs ship with a license to install on one computer.
What If I Am On A LAN?
It is fairly common today for many offices to be on a LAN, because it is a convenient and inexpensive way to share printers, scanners,  and internet connection

Does this mean that I must purchase a LAN license? The answer is: it depends. If you are hooked up to a LAN "just" for the purpose of sharing peripherals (printers, scanners, etc.) and your computer is the only one that will ever access the programs - then you do not need to order a LAN license from us.

However, if you plan on two or more people ever "accessing" the programs, then you need to order a LAN license. The reason is that our LAN version is actually "different" from our regular version. The difference is this: the regular non-LAN version expects only one person to be adding records, printing reports, etc. However, our LAN version allows two or more people to use the program at the same time, and it handles all the problems this can create (example: like five people editing Mr. Joe Johnson's personal information at the same time). Although the regular version and the LAN version look identical, the LAN version actually has thousands of lines of special code to deal with LAN issues.

So, if two or more people will ever need to access the program from different computers on a LAN - you need to order the LAN license.

Also, if you order a LAN license, you can also install the programs on additional stand alone computers or laptops.

Can I Install The Programs On Another Computer Or A Laptop?
You can if you do one of the following:

1- You order a LAN license

2- Or, you order  a Multi-User License

What Is The Difference Between a LAN and Multi-User License?
As already explained, a LAN license allows computers on a LAN to share our programs and files at the same time by two or more people on different computers.

A Multi-User License gives you a license to install the programs on two or more computers (depending on which license you purchase). This is often the license that you might purchase so that you can install the programs on a laptop that you take home, or on another computer in another office that is not on a LAN.

What Is The Cost?
Not much.

The LAN license only cost $200 and you can use the programs on up to 10 computers (note: these computers can be on the LAN or just stand alone computers like laptops, etc.).

A Multi-User License cost only:

$100 for one additional computer (for a total of two computers)

$150 for two additional computers (for a total of three computers)

$200 for nine additional computers (for a total of ten computers)

Note: if you order the $200 Multi-User License for a total of ten computers, you also receive a LAN license for when you ever decide to go on a LAN. Because of this, most people would purchase the license for ten computers.

Does the LAN or Multi-User License Every Expire?
No. This is a one time fee - and even when you upgrade your programs in the future, this license is transferred to the new version.
How Can I Order a LAN or Multi-User License?
If this is the first time you have ordered from us, just check the appropriate item in the order form that pertains to the license you are ordering.

If you are a current user, email our sales department by clicking here (or calling a sales representative) and explain that you are a current user and would like to order a license.