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Technical Support & Where To Get It

If you are a current User, click here to enter the Club Support Forum..
Clicking the above link will explain how you enter the Club Support Forum. You can also read the following for additional support options.
Does My Software Come With Any Support?
Yes, the full retail programs come with 60 days of initial free 800 technical support when you order for the first time. Upgrades are so low cost they do not come with free 800 technical support, but you are still able to get pretty much the same help at the Club Membership Support Forum.

One of the reasons our software products are so inexpensive is that we have removed the  free 800 Support from the products after the initial 60 days. If you are a person who hardly ever needs to talk to a live technician, this saves you hundreds of dollars. If you are a person who always likes to talk to a live person, then you can order live support as needed - and you still save.

Just remember, our statistics show that over 95% of all questions are already answered either in the Readme.txt file that came with the application, or can be found at the Club Membership  Support Forum. So... save yourself a call by checking these two valuable resources first.

Our  Club  Support Forum  web site is monitored by other users as well as our technicians - and these are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - including Holidays. This is Free when you have the current version of the application.

Can I Order Additional Personal Telephone Support?
Yes, after your 60 days of free initial 800 support has expired you can contact us and order a new Technical Support Plan. However, this is not really necessary as the above mentioned Club Support Forum is included in your Club Membership. Also, there is a high probability that your answer can be found in the Readme.txt file that came with your application. But... the choice is yours and is available.

However, some people will always prefer to talk to a live person and get 100% personal service - and we understand that. So, you can order a Technical Support Plan. The cost currently is $225.00 for a year of Toll Free help.  Click here to order a new Technical Support Plan  or call one of our sales representatives  at 1-800-568-6350 or 1-321-821-9422.

If you don't have a Technical Support Plan, you can always still call or email a support technician - and you can pay by the call on your Visa/MasterCard or make other billing arrangements.

However, we highly recommend you consider the Club Support Forum instead.